The Challenge

While the Arab World has sustained GDP growth of almost 3.2% in 2016, a rate well above the OECD world average of 2.4%, these achievements are undermined by the following alarming figures:

• The Arab world suffers from the highest youth unemployment in the world, currently recorded at over 29%. The global average is 13%.

• The region’s labor force youth participation rates are among the lowest globally, currently standing at 31%, compared to the global average of 46% percent.

• The economic loss of youth unemployment exceeds US$ 40 – 50 billion annually across the Arab World.

• The large number of youth in the Arab World will continue to add pressure on the labor market over the coming years.

In order to tackle this challenge and improve the relationships among stakeholders, information transparency is need to match the market needs with the educational provision. We need platforms matching the unemployed with employers such as and; education providers with employers such as partnerships and internships; students with education providers such as; and coordinating employers with their industry peers. helps to find education and skills that lead to improved employment prospects. The need for such service in the Arab World is urgent and large scale. Tackling the youth unemployment challenge will require a focus on ensuring youth have the right skills for the jobs being created.

You can find the list of skills needed for each career path on Tumoohi under this link:

You can find a list of university programs on Tumoohi under this link:

You can find the view of the private sector on new graduates:

Sources: World bank, International Finance Corporation

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