International Relations and Regional Studies

International relations (IR), international studies or international affairs (IA) is the scientific study of interactions between sovereign states. It examines all activities between states—such as war, diplomacy, trade, and foreign policy—as well as relations with and among other international actors, such as intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), international nongovernmental organisations (INGOs), international legal bodies, and multinational corporations (MNCs). International relations is widely considered as one of the major subdisciplines of political science, along with comparative politics and political theory. However, in addition to political science, it draws considerably from international economics, law, and world history, leading some academic institutions to characterize it as an independent or multidisciplinary field. While international politics has been analyzed since antiquity, international relations did not become a discrete field until 1919, when it was first offered as an undergraduate major by Aberystwyth University in the United Kingdom. The same year also saw the establishment of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Similar studies were soon established at the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics, further contributing to the field's development and prominence.After the Second World War, international relations burgeoned in both importance and scholarship—particularly in North America and Western Europe—partly in response to the geostrategic concerns of the Cold War. The collapse of the Soviet Union and subsequent rise of globalization in the late 20th century presaged new theories and evaluations of the rapidly changing international system. Into the 21st century, as connections between states become progressively more complex and multifaceted, international relations has been incorporated into other fields, such as economics, law, and history, leading to a convergent, interdisciplinary field. ..More on Wikipedia

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