Ranking of UAE universities in the world 2022. Which are the best universities in the United Arab Emirates?

A question that occupies every student thinking of studying at a university for a bachelor's, master's or doctorate, every teacher who works in a university. Also, every business owner is thinking which university to hire graduates from.
Globally, in 3 important university rankings.
  1. QS Quacquarelli Symonds
  2. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) Shanghai
  3. Times Higher Education
QS Ranking ranks 14 Emirati universities, while Shanghai Ranking does not rank any Emirati universities and Times Ranking only ranks 7 Emirati universities in order:
In this article, the focus will be on the QS ranking of UAE universities because of their focus on universities in the Arab world.
Quoted and translated from the QS website: The annual QS Arab University Ranking was first released in 2014, and highlights 130 leading universities in this part of the world. The methodology for this ranking was developed with the aim of reflecting the specific challenges and priorities of enterprises in the region, drawing on the following ten indicators:
Percentages indicate the weighting given to each component when calculating the overall results.
1- Academic reputation (30%): This is based on a major global survey of academics, who are asked to name the universities they believe produce the best work in their field of expertise. Like the Employers Study (below), this is a major component of all QS University Rankings.
2- Employer reputation (20%): This is based on a second major global survey, this time for graduate employers. Participants are asked to name the institutions that they see as producing the best graduates.
3-Faculty/Student Ratio (15%): In the absence of an international standard for assessing teaching quality, this indicator assesses the number of full-time academics in relation to enrolled students. The aim is to give an indication of the institutions' capacity with regard to providing academic support.
4- International Research Network (10%): Using data provided by Scopus, this indicator assesses the degree of international openness in terms of research collaborations for each resident institution. To calculate this index, the Margalve Index, widely used in environmental sciences, has been adapted to produce a score that gives an indication of the diversity of the institution's research collaborations with other institutions in different locations of the world.
5- Web Impact (5%): Based on the Webometrics ranking, this indicator reflects the online presence of universities, demonstrating their commitment to international engagement and connections.
6- Proportion of staff with a doctorate degree (5%): This depends on the percentage of faculty members who hold a doctorate degree or its equivalent, which reflects the general level of expertise and experience within the institution.
7- Citations per research paper (5%): This index is calculated using data from Scopus, and assesses the number of citations per published paper, reflecting the impact of each institution's research.
8- Research papers per faculty (5%): Based on the Scopus database, this metric relates to the number of papers published per faculty member, which reflects research productivity rates.
9 + 10 - International faculty ratio (2.5%) and international student ratio (2.5%): These last two indicators reflect each institution's success in attracting academics and students from other countries, demonstrating the international diversity of its learning environment.
The following is the classification of UAE universities 2022 locally and internationally:
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#1 in the UAE and #5 in the Arab world


#2 in the UAE and 8# in the Arab world

#3 in the UAE and #9 in the Arab world
#4 in the UAE and 15# in the Arab world
#5 in the UAE and #20 in the Arab world
#6 in the UAE and 25# in the Arab world
#7 in the UAE and #28 in the Arab world
#8 in the UAE and 30# in the Arab world
#9 in the UAE and 37# in the Arab world
#10 in the UAE and 44# in the Arab world
#11 in the UAE and 49# in the Arab world
#12 in the UAE and 70--61# in the Arab world
#13 in the UAE and #81-90 in the Arab world
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You can browse all universities in the following link:
* Please note that all public and private Emirati universities are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education, and this classification is for guidance only

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